TUDOR Watches

In 1946, the founder of the Rolex Watches, Hans Wildorf, decided to produce an innovative new watch brand offering the same dependable time-keeping and prestige of Rolex but at a more modest price. Hans Wildorf chose the name TUDOR to honour the TUDOR period, thus the shield emblem that features on the TUDOR watch dial, to honour the heraldic TUDOR coat of arms.

The TUDOR collection achieves a perfect balance between elegance and performance; each handsome timepiece features a fine combination of the best of both worlds, so that you will be sure to find the perfect TUDOR watch that is ideal for you. TUDOR watches offer a range of styles from elegant to robust, ostentatious to modest, contemporary to vintage; all of which are unique and injected with updated, modern technology.

In 2015, TUDOR announced its first manufacture calibre in its history. A high-performance calibre of excellent precision and proven robustness, this manufacture movement now features at the heart of the majority of new TUDOR models.

You can find your TUDOR Watch at our Windsor and Ipswich Fine branches, including the TUDOR Pelagos, TUDOR Heritage Black Bay and the TUDOR Heritage Ranger. TUDOR Watches are available on interest free credit in store only.

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