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Lab Grown Diamonds

We offer lab grown diamonds giving you more choice to find your perfect size, cut, colour and clarity without compromise. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds whilst offering excellent value, costing up to 70% less than their natural equivalents.

Our Lab Grown Diamonds are all cut to the highest specifications, striving for excellence to allow the fire to shine through. Each diamond is certificated by the International Gemmological Institute (IGI), the global leader in the diamond grading industry.

Lab Grown diamonds offer enormous value for money. You can choose the diamond of your dreams, without necessarily breaking the bank. The beauty of a natural diamond is mirrored in these gems, with the finest of colour and clarity grades, and the freedom to choose a style that suits you.

Lab grown diamonds are not just beautiful gems, they are also excellent at withstanding intense heat and freezing temperatures.

Natural diamonds take over 800 million years to form, Lab Grown diamonds are superb at recreating this process, but over a much faster time frame delivering you huge savings for spectacular quality gemstones.

The huge amount of pressure it takes to create a lab grown diamond is over 870,000 pounds per square inch, which is said to be similar to the Eiffel tower being balanced on its point on a 1 inch square!

Can’t see the diamond you’ve always dreamt of? Please get in touch with one of our diamond specialists to create the most spectacular jewel that will be cherished for a lifetime.