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  1. Longines Ladies Dolcevita Steel And Rose Gold Watch L51585887 SPECIAL
    Longines Ladies Dolcevita Steel And Rose Gold Watch L51585887 SPECIAL
    Special Price £1,160.00 Regular Price £2,320.00
  2. 18ct White Gold 0.78ct Diamond Circle Necklace SPECIAL
    18ct White Gold 0.78ct Diamond Circle Necklace SPECIAL
    Special Price £1,225.00 Regular Price £2,700.00

At Robert Gatward Jewellers we aim to create an exceptionally outstanding shopping experience whether online or in one of our four stores. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality – your ideal wedding ring, an engagement ring bespoke to you, a unique piece of jewellery made to celebrate any of life’s wonderful milestones or an exquisite Swiss timepiece that reflects your values. Our experienced teams will be delighted to assist you through your journey from the initial idea to, finally, the item of your dreams.

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    Meet the gemstone: Topaz

    This month we are looking at topaz as part of our “meet the gemstone” series. Topaz gains a lot of its reputation through its impressive array of colours and its strong standing as the November birthstone. The colour of topaz is caused by impurity elements or defects in the crystal structure, rather than its chemical composition. This is known as...
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    Wedding traditions around the world: Germany

    Whether you are an ex-pat living in Germany, engaged to a German partner, or would like to hold your wedding in Germany, then you can learn all about German weddings in this article. Firstly, we’ll outline how to prepare for a German wedding, followed by what happens on the day. As you’ll discover below, German weddings are truly unique and...
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  • 19th March 2021 - Post by Lucy

    3 fascinating facts about diamond colour

    Diamond colour forms one of the four Cs that represent diamond quality and is, therefore, something to consider when making a jewellery purchase. Interestingly, diamond colour in white diamonds is measured by the absence of colour, with a colourless diamond being the most valuable and a light yellow diamond being worth the least. However, there are more diamonds to consider...
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  • 19th February 2021 - Post by Lucy

    A beginner's guide to wedding ring styles

    If you’re planning a wedding, then a crucial aspect of that process is choosing your wedding rings. These are rings that you will both wear for the rest of your lives, so you must take the time to think about what you want from them and consider what your future self might also appreciate. Most of our wedding ring customers...
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