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At Robert Gatward Jewellers we aim to create an exceptionally outstanding shopping experience whether online or in one of our four stores. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality – your ideal wedding ring, an engagement ring bespoke to you, a unique piece of jewellery made to celebrate any of life’s wonderful milestones or an exquisite Swiss timepiece that reflects your values. Our experienced teams will be delighted to assist you through your journey from the initial idea to, finally, the item of your dreams.

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  • 18th January 2022 - Post by Mariah Shaw

    10 hot engagement ring trends for 2022

    If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that life is entirely unpredictable and should be held dear. For couples with engagement or wedding plans, embracing this attitude has meant indulging in more meaningful and unique arrangements – engagement rings included. Making the ring as special as possible instils a deeper sense of sentimentality so that, even if...
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  • 22nd December 2021 - Post by Mariah Shaw

    Meet the gemstone: Garnet

    This month, as part of our ongoing Meet the Gemstone series, we’re focusing on the richly coloured garnet, a gem featured on many of the special occasion pieces at Robert Gatward Jewellers. The January birthstone is often associated with the winter months, thanks to its typically deep red colour that compliments festive wear. However, the gem is far more diverse...
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  • 12th November 2021 - Post by Lucy Forbes

    The wedding traditions of Norway

    Welcome to the latest in our series of articles based on wedding traditions around the world. This month, we are looking at Norwegian wedding traditions — customs that you can expect to see as a guest at a Norwegian wedding or potentially include in your day if you are planning a wedding in Norway yourself. At first glance, a Norwegian...
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  • 22nd October 2021 - Post by Lucy Forbes

    5 ways to tell if a diamond is real

    If you want to buy a genuine diamond, you might be wary of being sold a fake; alternatively, you may be wondering if a diamond you already own is genuine. Diamonds are beautiful and expensive and, for this reason, there are plenty of replicas out there — some mis-sold as diamonds, and some not. Synthetic diamonds also exist, which can...
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