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The epitome of Seiko Watch Corporation's watchmaking, Grand Seiko timepieces are handmade in Japan by artisan craftsmen and women, for those who value perfection. Every Grand Seiko watch offers signature high standards of beautifully Japanese precision, durability and legibility.

The art of watchmaking is to measure time with a precision that will endure – a challenge the brand has relished since the first Grand Seiko watch made in 1960. For over half a century, Grand Seiko has quietly handmade some of the most precise watches the world has ever known. With their three signature movements, mechanical, quartz and spring drive, Grand Seiko watches are created to be beautifully, precisely Japanese, inside and out.


This timepiece is inspired by the beauty of the Shizukuishi region in Japan, where Grand Seiko mechanical movements are created. The design represents the Nature of Time – a uniquely Japanese spirituality where time is viewed as nature itself with each fleeting moment, minute and second a unique expression, unveiled through light and shadow.


This timepiece is from the Japanese Seasons collection – designs inspired by the twenty four ‘Sekki’ or seasons in Japan; since ancient times these changes in the weather and nature have been incorporated into Japanese daily life. when Sakura blossoms fall into the water, swirl and float – called ‘Hanaikada,’ or flower rafts.

Grand Seiko

Alive in Time

To make every secondmean more than the last. To feel the potentiali n each moment. The heart bursting. The body tingling. The mind reaching.Time comes alive. Each minute,a springboard to the next. Not just telling time Living in it. Grand Seiko Alive in Time.