Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell Jewellery


Discover the fanciful, mysterious and chilling jewellery range from Theo Fennell. Founded in 1982, Theo himself has been renowned for his imaginative, eclectic, unusual and incredibly crafted pieces and although his jewellery is crafted in fine materials such as sterling silver, smooth gold and vibrant colourful enamel, the end results that are created are far from conventional. Believing that jewellery and silverware should tell a story, Fennell married together craftsmanship and beauty to create a piece so innovative, you would hardly think it was made by man. Here at Robert Gatward, we have the finest Theo Fennell jewellery pieces featuring the iconic Bee motif Theo Fennell Rings and wonderful friendship bracelets that bring to life the unbreakable bond and epitomise Theo Fennell’s iconic and unique designs. 

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