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TAG Heuer Connected Watch: A Review

TAG Heuer Connected Watch

The TAG Heuer Connected Watch has landed here in the UK and we’ve welcomed it with open arms into our ever growing collection of Swiss mechanical timepieces.
A completely new direction for the company established in 1860 by Edouard Heuer and quite frankly a necessary one considering the popularity of wearable technology since the Apple Watch.

The TAG Heuer smartwatch, dubbed the connected watch and marketed with the hashtag #ConnectedtoEternity, utilises an Android Wear platform projected onto a large high resolution LCD touchscreen display, making it easy to navigate.

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TAG Heuer have developed three digital watch faces that will come with the TAG Heuer Connected Watch. These are: a Chronograph dial, a 3-hand dial and a GMT dial. All coming with a date display and in black, deep blue or pearl white. Many more custom dials including celebrity inspired ones will be available to download once you've registered your TAG Heuer Connected watch. The Swiss Watch making elements include a water resistant, lightweight titanium 46mm case.

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The rubber strap weighs 29 grams and is available in 7 different colours; including black, blue, green and orange. The folding clasp and the safety push button are made with titanium to match the case. TAG Heuer have also teamed up with other companies to give you access to more apps such as wind and weather monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability and Google Fit. You will have the option to register your watch and it will give you more to play with.

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The responsiveness in terms of the touchscreen and the gestures is very smooth. The battery life is also good and should provide you with at least one full day once fully charged. Compared to the 18 hour battery life of the Apple Watch, the TAG Heuer Connected will give you 25 hours. When plugged into the charging dock, there is also a cool animation on the dial that shows how much battery is left and the charging time remaining. The TAG Heuer watch is different to the Apple Watch, for example you can always read the time and see the TAG Heuer logo even when the watch is in the standby mode. Whereas the Apple Watch’s standby is a fully black display. It can also be used with an Android phone and an Apple iPhone. However, with limited features if using an iPhone.

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The watch comes with a two year warranty and after which you can upgrade your watch for an additional cost to a special edition Carrera. The Carrera will be only available for TAG Heuer Connected owners.

The TAG Heuer Connected Watch is one of the first Android Wear Watches that puts time-telling front and centre. The build quality is excellent and the digital watch face is incredible.

Overall, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch has lots of exciting features. If you’re looking for a luxury watch that you can use as a smart watch too then this is the one for you!

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You can take a look at the full collection of the TAG Heuer Connected Watches here.

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