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Proposing Abroad: 3 Tips for the Perfect Overseas Proposal

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Getting married is one of the most important events in most people’s lives, and proposing to the love of your life, as the natural precursor to getting married, is also a very big deal. With international travel now easier than ever, many are choosing to pop the question abroad, and it’s easy to see why: holidays bring with them that relaxed, ‘out-of-office’ mood, lovely weather and a general feeling of excitement and adventure. What better time to ask your partner to marry you? However, proposing abroad can bring with it a few extra complications. These can be overcome with the right amount of planning – follow our guide below and plan the perfect marriage proposal abroad.

Prior to the Trip

There are several things to organise before proposing abroad. Firstly:

The Ring

You need to decide if you are going to propose with or without an engagement ring. This depends on several factors, including: if you’d like to choose the ring or let your partner choose their own, the type of holiday you are going on (action and adventure doesn’t mix well with a beautiful, brand new ring!), and if you are comfortable with going through customs with a ring. Read on for some effective tips for getting through customs.


If you do decide to travel with an engagement ring, you need to make sure it is insured – either within your usual travel insurance, or on a policy of its own. Also, if the ring is too big for your partner’s finger, don’t let them wear it! Wait until you get home and get it resized correctly.

We know how important insurance can be, so with you in mind we now offer insurance that covers you worldwide from the moment you leave the store, giving you complete peace of mind…just one less thing for you to worry about. This brilliant insurance package is also eligible for online purchases. For more information about this insurance and its other benefits, please contact us.

The Hotel

Before you travel, contact your hotel and find out if they have a safety deposit box you can use. Tell them your plans, and they will be more than happy to help. In fact, they may even be able to offer you some advice or ideas, provide extras in your room, and distract your partner with a welcome drink when you arrive so you can discreetly lock the ring away in the safe until it’s needed.


Romantic hotel breakfast in bed Image credit: Green Art Photography/

Image credit: Green Art Photography/


Travelling with an engagement ring doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Lighten the mental load by following our top tips for packing your ring:
Pack the engagement ring in your carry-on luggage, to avoid it going missing or being delayed in your hold luggage.
In case of your partner rummaging through your bag, swap your ring box for a box of a different shape, then place it inside a pair of socks and hide it at the bottom of your bag.
The thought of going through customs with an engagement ring gives most people a cold chill. Reduce the fear by placing a note on the box, stating “This is an engagement ring – please keep this secret!” Most customs staff members will be only too pleased to help you in your mission to make it to your chosen destination without your grand romantic plans being ruined.


Couple having romantic walk abroad Image credit: Maridav/

Image credit: Maridav/

If you had already planned a holiday, and have since decided to take the opportunity to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend, that’s great. If you have decided that you would like to take your partner on a trip specifically to propose to them, this comes with a bit more responsibility, as you have a whole romantic trip to plan. If you are proposing, the rest of your trip really needs to be magical too!

Location is a big decision: is there somewhere abroad that is significant to your partner, or to the two of you and your relationship? Or perhaps you’d like a white, sandy beach or somewhere really unique. Remember: it doesn’t have to be somewhere traditionally related with love, such as Paris. Think about what your partner would like the most.


Whichever country you choose, we would recommend proposing abroad at the start of your trip, so you can relax together afterwards and celebrate. Doing it early means you can also stop worrying about the surprise being ruined.

Good luck with your proposal abroad, and please do let us know how it goes!

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