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5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Engagement photo Image credit: Maleo/

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Now you might be wondering how you go about announcing your engagement on social media. Well, you could just change your relationship status, but where’s the fun in that? You may even feel uninspired by a simple post stating you are engaged, with a photo of you and your fiancé/fiancée and the ring. After all, this is big news, and therefore deserves a big announcement! So, how can you share your news in a memorable way that stands out on your friends’ timelines? Try one of these five ideas.

1.      Let your pets do the announcement

Pets are part of the family, and people love photos of animals, so why not let your 'furbabies' announce your good news to the world? Just pop a sign on or in front of your dog or cat in a nice setting, saying “My humans are getting married!”, or “Mum said yes!” with a drawing of an engagement ring. Snap a photo and get sharing!

2.      Make a video

If you’re creative types and aren’t camera shy, a video announcement could be the perfect idea for you and your partner. Make it fun: sing a romantic song or spell out your news using props. This couple who got engaged in late December decided to share their news using the medium of freshly made mince pies bearing letters of the alphabet, spelling out "We're engaged"! I've also seen several engagement videos featuring couples singing a song from Frozen.

3.      Fake a tattoo

This is a really fun idea for a great engagement photo to share online. Simply draw on the bride-to-be’s knuckles with a non-permanent marker, using the engagement ring as an ‘O’. Using this, you can spell out "'Bout Time" across two fists. Add a filter to give it the right look, and you're ready to share your news with the world! Why not get inventive and try out other phrases too? The word 'love' would work well.

4.      Pose for a fun photo

Funny engagement photo Image credit: llaszlo/

Make your engagement announcement photo fun, and really catch people’s attention. Use signs, reflections, cups, balloons and anything else you can think of. If time is on your side, you could get t-shirts or mugs printed. Feel free to really personalise your photo – after all, this is a unique time for the two of you. For example, do you both share a love of Harry Potter? Stage a photo based on a scene from one of the books or films! Did you meet in hospital? If so, you know where you need to head for your photo!

5.      Photoshop

With simple photo editing skills, you could update a movie poster, such as The Engagement or The Proposal, with your photo and some engagement details. Alternatively, you could create a really personal image that reflects an interest the two of you share. Love gaming, for instance? Add an Xbox-style ‘Achievement unlocked’ box to the bottom of an engagement photo of the two of you! Think outside the box, and see what you come up with. Have fun!

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