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How To Discover Her Engagement Ring Size

How To Discover Her Engagement Ring Size. Photo Credit: How To Discover Her Engagement Ring Size. Photo Credit:

When you are wanting to purchase an engagement ring for your beloved, the chances are you won’t know where to begin when it comes to finding out her ring size. In fact, many women don’t know their own ring size, even if you were as bold as to ask your girlfriend outright.

So, how can you find out the ring size of your partner, without marching her into a Robert Gatward Jewellers branch and asking us to measure her finger? Having heard many stories of success and failure in the acquisition of ring sizes by partners over the years, we have brought together the best ideas for you in this article.

Ask her early on in the relationship

If it’s still early days in the relationship (and you’re just reading this article out of interest), find out her ring size and what styles of ring she likes now. It is the perfect timing, as she won’t suspect a thing, and will forget about it as time goes on, leaving you to surprise her at a much later date with a ring that fits and is just what she wanted.

Borrow her ring

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She may already sometimes wear a ring on her left-hand ring finger, or her ring finger on her right hand. In which case, your job is easy – simply borrow her ring when she is not wearing it, bring it in to us to get the ring measured, and return the ring as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that the fingers on the dominant hand are usually a little larger than on the other.

Other options with a ring of the right size at your disposal are to trace the inside and outside of the ring onto a piece of paper, or press the ring into a bar of soap, and bring those in for us to measure. However, these won't be hugely accurate.

Ask her friends for help

Your girlfriend’s friends won’t know her ring size, but they are in a much better position to subtly find out for you – it looks far less suspicious if her friends suggest they try some rings on for fun than if you do! There are several other options here too, such as her friends trying her current rings on for size and making a note if they fit, or somehow measuring your partner’s finger with a piece of string.

Stop worrying and choose Robert Gatward

At Robert Gatward we offer a very useful and popular ‘Not Sure’ option on our engagement ring size selector online. This means that you will be provided with a stock engagement ring of your choice in an unknown size – it will arrive with you much quicker than one being made to order, and it also entitles you to one free resize post-purchase. After the proposal, you have 60 days from your purchase to get in touch with us and organise a resize with your fiancée, either in-store (recommended) or via email/telephone. If you have selected a size at checkout, we can still resize your ring – don’t worry – but it will incur a small charge.

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